LODGE: From Old French loge “arbor, covered walk-way” from Frankish *laubja “shelter”. Akin to O.H.G. louba “porch, gallery” (German Laube “bower, arbor”), O.H.G. loub “leaf, foliage”, Old English lēaf “leaf, foliage”. More at lobby, loggia, leaf

lodge (plural lodges)

  1. A building used for recreational use such as a hunting lodge or a summer cabin.
  2. Porter’s or caretaker’s rooms at or near the main entrance to a building or an estate.
  3. A local chapter of some fraternities, such as freemasons.
  4. A rural hotel or resort, an inn.
  5. A beaver’s shelter constructed on a pond or lake.
  6. A new DESIGN COLLABORATIVE in Portland, Oregon, USA (members include: David Laubenthal, David Bertman, Brian Gaultieri and Vincent Clervi) started in 2009.

LODGE’s first project is through the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland Bureau of Transportation, and PDC as part of the Burnside Bridgehead development project and the Burnside/Couch couplet project. We will be focusing our efforts and designs in and around the block at E. Burnside, MLK and SE Couch. The project will span a couple years and will be chronicled in a continually updated blog with pictures, videos and descriptions. There is a performance oriented aspect to out approach which will culminate in a series of sculptural objects which will be comprised of furniture elements…

Stay tuned for more info…it should be a cool project!