7. Edible conversation #1- RNWR

A curated conversation and meal considering native and invasive species and foraging in an uncertain future. (an MFACD Collaboration with Joan Lundell)

edible conversation 2

Before you life is a pallet of edibles inspired by Ridgefield National Wildlife refuge. We invite inquiry on each specimen and how it speaks for the land by facilitating conversation that samples complexity of each main ingredient.  The choices of ingredients were chosen for their appropriateness based on either being indigenous and having a rich history in this region or by being an invasive species that threatens the natural flora and fauna that have thrived here for hundreds of years.”  

An (N) for “native” and an (I) for “invasive” was the first signifier of what the participant was preparing to eat and discuss.  Each ‘bite’ was artistically composed to provide a compelling taste of delicious food as well as an introduction to a complex discussion.

edible conversation 7

Bite#1- Hazelnut ‘hummus’ on unleavened flatbread (native)
Bite#2- Wapato/’duck potato’ puree on unleavened flat bread (native)
Bite#3- ‘Nutria’ carnitas on native red sorrel leaf (invasive)
Bite#4- smoked salmon on roasted ozette potato with herbs (native, keystone)
Bite#5- Himalayan Blackberry ‘pudding’ (invasive)

edible conversation 8

Each presentation was arranged on a piece of native western red cedar further engaging the senses and supporting the local, native conversation.  The program was printed out and inserted into a slot in the wood so the participant could easily reference.  The talking points went as follows:

Bite #1- Marketing historical origin

Bite #2 – Foraging stewardship

Bite #3 – Adapting to the food system

Bite #4 – Aware of exploitation

Bite #5 – Living with invasives

edible conversation 6 edible conversation 5 edible conversation 4 edible conversation 3 edible conversation 1


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