6. Line.Plane.Object w/LODGE


Line.Plane.Object. is a temporary art and design installation project in Portland, OR that has performatively grown over 3 years. LODGE wanted to unmask the creative design process by exposing each step, from ideation and sketching (LINE), to form development and gestural gestalt (PLANE) to final production and function (OBJECT). Originally framed as a temporary “construction fence” project it soon became something entirely different. Delays from permitting to artistic approval to engineering eventually made the need for a construction fence obsolete. Instead we riffed on what a con- struction fence embodies. A top stencil to suggest a chainlink fence as well as the MDO panels themselves (as exterior grade plywood) are also a physical unit/component of many construction fences around the world. We then decided to see how we might be able to render on it and through it- creating organic and gestural forms with imbued meaning, resonance and depiction but maintaining a consistent set of constraints at the same time. The shapes that are CNC’d through the panels will pop out and coalesce as utility objects when the project is dismantled (Summer 2013).

LODGEimg_20101222_1154232012-06-13_16-27-04_354 2012-06-13_16-41-31_166 DSC_0528 DSC_0511 DSC_0525 DSC_0554 2012-06-01_14-35-59_123 2012-06-01_14-46-26_527 2012-06-01_15-17-09_231 2013-03-08_13-05-50_688 2013-03-08_13-06-10_772 2013-03-08_13-05-34_942 2013-03-08_14-43-39_822 2013-03-08_14-44-11_507


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