5. Conformation Series


This is the stool that started the series…the “tractor ass” lives at an arbitrary height that serves no other domestic appliance but one that keeps healthy weight on the feet. slightly forward pitch.

Conformation Series (set of 4 ‘stools’) 2012

Reclaimed offcuts from a timber barn construction + Polychromed steel frames

Reclaimed, upcycled furniture that asks how to be used. Anti-production furniture. Non-prescribed uses. Objects of reclamation and exaltation. Conformist and non-conformist at the same time. Exploring the intuitive ways we naturally adapt and exploit things in our environment. With the chair it has been seen with how we might hang a shirt, jacket or a purse on the back… Or how we lean back on its two rear legs to make it more comfortable. I’ve made an experimental series of stool like objects that beg to be used however the user feels they might be best used. They work for sitting and resting but there is more. Leftovers. Good wood. Sculptures. Don’t be shy, have a go with them.

This set of stools received a juror award for best in show at SHOWpdx 2012

otto footie dub 2

Otto Footie Dub. This lowboy supports ‘arguing pairs’- back to back. It also serves more functions and its slots and holes conform to existing household items and scraps.


Slide onto this multi use nugget and work on your laptop, sketch on a napkin, hold a phone call…your call. A conversation starter. Oddly reminiscent of telephone furniture from days of yore…and motorcycles.


English Western. Loosely referencing horse saddle forms this perch can be straddles or sat upon ‘side-saddle’. The support rails provide a comfortable place to rest weary feet and there is a hole that conforms to household items (like brooms and plungers) that allows for additional functions.


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