8. Edible Conversation #2 (for Blight magazine)

blight dinner photo 3

clockwise from left: Nancy Becker, Josh Volk, Ron Paul and Greg Higgins

Portland has an obsession with food. Collaborative Design’s annual student magazine Blight is obsessing over obsessions this year. Craig Higdon ’14 and I hosted a dinner conversation to explore issues of food addiction and obsession. Jake Richardson ’14 was official photographer.

Four luminaries of the Portland food scene, each obsessed with food from a unique perspective: a farmer (Josh Volk/SlowHand Farms), restaurateur (Greg Higgins/Higgins), dietician (Nancy Becker) and food policy advocate (Ron Paul) joined the student-organized dinner. The menu and dinner was carefully crafted where each course embodied a unique conversation and perspective about food, and our obsession with it (in Portland as well as from a macro world-view). The four local food legends of Portland sat around an intimate table and had a delicious conversation that dished up priceless insights and perspectives about food. The relaxed atmosphere facilitated personal stories, laughter and unguarded critical inquiry around a complex societal issue, often hiding in plain wrappers and long lines.  The chef for the evening was Heather Julius (Special Snowflake Supper Club).

The evening ended on a high note and all participants were hungry for more conversation and another event like this one. The group remarked that they could have stayed there talking throughout the evening and students would have continued as rapt audience. The students ended up with over 3 hours of invaluable audio to digest for their food obsession article. Look for this article, and more, in the upcoming (early June) issue of Blight.

blight dinner photo 2

Ron Paul and Greg Higgins

Blight dinner photo 1


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