9.5 Miscellaneous design: furniture, lighting, environment, product+

pallet bench

Reclaimed pallet wood and custom steel rod base

pallet wall 1

This pallet wood wall with integrated shallow shelves was designed and installed at a loft in Portland

Stumpt submission 1a Show2008

STUMPT stool (pallet wood)

This is one of a series fo pallet wood stools called, STUMPT II, which was born out of the original series made for Nike. This redesign allows for multiples to be nested together ro form an organic bench. Random species of wood take on the various natural stains and finished differently.

STUMPT stool ebonized pallet 1 STUMPT stool pallet 3a STUMPT stool ebonized pallet

RPW light

Reclaimed pallet wood light. This flat-packable light is easy to assemble and can work with existing pendent light. The inside surfaces are silver leafed with increase the efficiency of the light as well as add a touch of “bling”.

RPW Light 1.0 [Converted]


Reclaimed “deadfall” Oregon black walnut top surface with an ebonized finish. Steel base with patina.


Oregon black walnut console with ebonized finish and “burnt” lacquered doors on steel base with Japanese brown patina.

New occasional table...

White oak tabletop on a steel base with blackened patina. The client wanted a table base that would allow light to enter through window wall yet still feel heavy and “anchored”.


All bamboo built in closet set with integrated steel plate work station. This client needed closet and storage space for her loft and wanted something “unique and sustainable”. She liked the idea of a sleek and industrial work surface and we found a beautiful steel plate that had a rich historical patina on it that I modified to fit our needs. Two well placed holes allow for cord/cable management. Each of the “mirrored” built in closets has a compartment for hanging clothes that is distinguished my inlaid pinstripes. The other doors give access to ample shelving space and the deep bottom drawers hold hanging files.

cw12 New occasional table... Yaki Take Bokkusu (2010)new project...Yaki Take Bokkusu (2010)More from 2010...


This live edge black walnut table is 10 feet long and has custom hand carved legs that were sculpted around a proprietary and invisible steel frame. The design allows for micro-adjustments over time as the massive wood slab settles over time.

DSC_0180 DSC_0148 DSC_0101 DSC_0099cw92 cw32


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‘Interactivos’ – a innovative model for collaboration, P2P learning and community involvement


Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 9.28.40 AM

While developing my Capstone/Thesis project (Bridgelab) at PNCA I have been researching new education models and this is one particularly interesting and innovative program.  I’d like to develop something similar in Portland through PNCA. I see possibilities to connect projects managed by the primary regional arts organizations (RACC and OAC) with students at PNCA through Bridgelab in a model that provides experiential learning for the students which yields experience, network development and community involvement.  On the other end, professional artists working on the projects would have access to creative and willing volunteers from the community as well as art and design students hungry for applied learning opportunities.

link to site and video here


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